So after watching Vampire Diaries 3x20 i felt kinda used. Big time. Julie fucking Plec thinks she can mess with our minds and it’s okay. No it’s not Julie! That hopeful still with Klaroline and what we have…15 second dance. Wonderful. Killing Alaric. Do you know how much i cried during this Dalaric last scene, Julie? That was probably the most emotional TVD scene for me. Oh and as far as i remember that kind of “death” already happened with Bonnie. So that was NOT funny having us believed in his death and resurrect him the next minute. The only thing i liked in this episode is Elena’s outfit. Caroline looked awful. Bonnie…even more awful. And Tyler…what is cool in this sombrero? And now Ric is a vampire. I don’t think he’s gonna make it to season 4 :( But just because Matt Davis stars in a new show you don’t have to kill him that way. Ugh…I’m so mad and disappointed. All i wanted to watch is a beautiful decade dance episode. Is it so hard to please me and millions of fans and not fuck up all our expectations? P.S. Joseph Morgan’s lips need their own spinoff series.
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